Before or B3?

Inspired by this site I decided to build my own Hammond B3 clone midi keyboard using two second hand midi keyboards. Here are some pictures I made during the building of the thing.

This keyboard is going to be the top keyboard. It's old, but the keys had a great response. This used to be a quality keyboard.

I took it apart while testing for a midi signal. I cut of all the redundant electronics that weren't needed for sending out note messages, while checking the pressence of a midi signal with my laptop.

This is what wasn't needed, I trew it away.

A sideway view of the top keyboard

The lower manual to be. This keyboard felt a bit spongy, so I used it for the lower manual.

I took it out of its case. One key was broken during shipping, so I had to fix it.

Without it's case and it's redunant electronics.

Sideway view

A technical drawing of the case, made in a few evenings on my PC, just to know in advance how the thing would look.

The building of the case, thanks to handyman Rene van Pareren!

Construction of the case is finished!

At home with the drawbars

The inside, allready connected and painted. Inside there's a Philip Rees Midi-merger to combine the two MIDI streams, and a Philip Rees CSF (MIDI Processor) to make the lower manual send on MIDI channel 2.

Like this...

..and closed up. On the backside are only a power connector, a MIDI out port and a power switch.

The finished organ

My home setup together with my second hand Roland PK-5 bass pedal unit, a H&K Rotosphere and a cheap volume pedal.

Together with my Voce modules which are responsible for the sound.

Copyright © 2009 Jeroen van Zutphen