Like a guitar player...

When the case of an old Midi-keyboard of mine died, I decided to build my own Keytar. After thinking this through I didn't use this one as it didn't have mod and pitch wheels.

I bought this in France on a holiday for about 8 Euros.

Taken apart it consists of two halves. I will use them as ornaments.

The M-Audio Keystation 49 I bought for 60 Euros.

The wireless midi set I'm going to use (70 Euros).

Construction begins. First, I removed the keys and electronics from the keyboard.

Then I cut the upper octave from the print and metal bottom of the keyboard.

The upper five notes didn't work anymore after this operation, so I had to make a fix with an extra wire and some glue to hold it in place.

Ready to paint the white keys.

First a black primer. Then I dipped each key in a can of very sturdy paint.

The painted keys are back into the keybed.

Trying to fit the keyboard in.

All is glued, so when I'm going to sand it, there will be no nails in the way.

Again with keyboard.

An old Roland pitch-wheel I bought for 15 euro's.

Glueing the neck.

After sanding.

Before painting, trying how it looks...

From the other side.

After the first two layers of paint (for grounding)

Just trying the looks with the keyboard inserted.

With some more layers of paint.

A piece of the original casing.

Glued on top op some piece of wood.

Knobs (I'm going to change the silver knob to a black one).

Almost finished. I'm a bit disapointed about the paint-job. So in about a month I'm going to sand it again, and use something like an airbrush to get a smooth surface.

In progress...

Copyright © 2009 Jeroen van Zutphen