I love all sorts of filters. These are the ones I have collected over the years. I'm currently in the process of selling most of them.

Jomox M-Resonator

Weird and wonderfull

Jomox T-Resonator

Amzing effects!

Schipmann Ebbe und Flut

The King

Frostwave Resonator

Nice MS20 Filter

Frostwave Funk-a-Duck

Funk in a box

Frostwave Sonic Alienator

A digital decimator and a filter in one box

Akai MFC42

Nice and cheap (sold)

Electrix Filterfactory

Good filter

Mutron III

Old envelope filter

MFB Filterbox

Tempo based filter (for sale)

EMMA DiscomBOBulator

The best auto-wah (for sale)

Ibanez AF201

Almost the best auto-wah

Maxon AF9

Same as the Ibanez AF9, also almost the best auto-wah

Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron+

Nice and new

Mutron Wah

Great on Rhodes

Snarling Dogs Whine-O

Great on Clavinet

Modtone Funk Filter Enveloper

Cool autowah


DIY and dirty

Boss FT-2

Good small box

MAM Warp 9

A German one (sold)

MXR M-188 Bass Auto Q

Phatt! (for sale)

Peavey Spectrum Filter

Hard to find (sold)

Chunk Systems Agent 00Funk


Mutronics Mutator


Moog MF-101

The classic

Korg Monotron

Cheap monosynth with MS20 filter and audio input!

Sherman Filterbank 2

Everyone has one

Rodec Sherman Restyler

Nice for DJ filtering

Waldorf 4-pole

Quality from Waldorf

Vermona Action Filter II Plus

Nice looking (for sale)

Electro Harmonix Bi-Filter

Out of production (for sale)

Analogue Systems FB3

Parallel filters (for sale)

Electrix Filterqueen

Small brother of the other Electrix

Waldorf X-Pole

Analog Waldorf goodness! (sold)

Studio Electronics Modmax Filter

Phatt (for sale)

Vermona Dual Analog Filter (DAF-1)

With LFO and enveloppe follower (for sale)

Vermona Filter Lancet

Just introduced (for sale)

Wasp Drive

Nice small filter (for sale)

M-Z3R0 - K-Filter

Cool filter

Eowave Sci-fibug

A french filter

Allen & Heath Xone VF1

With tubes! (sold)


New kid on the block

Anyware Megapole lite

Hard to find (for sale)

Tidal Quad

Only 12 or so where made, and I have one! (sold)

SubDecay Prometheus DLX

Nice stompbox

Vermona Cross Filter

Big brother of the Action Filter (sold)

Eowave Filterbug

Another french filter

Eowave Filterbug

Early mono version

Omnitronic DMF2

Cheap filter

Jomox Moonwind

New (for sale)

Anyware Megapole

Hard to find (sold)

Maestro Filter Sample/Hold FSH-1 Clone

Made for me by Jimmy Behan

Analogue Solutions Phobos Filtered Coffee

Another MS20 Clone

AnalogLab XPass Filter

Hard to find (for sale)

Oakley Filtrex II

DIY Filter

Mode Machines F-106

Juno clone

SMS Analogue Modular Synthesizer Dual VCF

Part of a modular synth (for sale)

Iron Ether Xerograph Deluxe

A boutique effect

Behringer FM600

Cheap and digital

Z.Cat Step Filter

Relatively cheap

Mode Machines MW-01 Wasp Filter

New edition

Kenny's Death

Cool fuzz filter

Do The Weasel Stomp!

Systech Harmonic Energizer Clone

J Evermand LoFi Filter

LoFi goodness

Hilltree MS20 Clone Filter

A weird MS20 clone

Snazzy FX Tracer City

Hard to find (for sale)

Robot Factory PhoTron Filter

The ultimate MS20 Clone (for sale)

Robot Factory Hydra III

Only one was made, and it's mine! (for sale)

Moog Minifooger Drive

New Moog filter

Vestax DWG-X1

Small exotic filter

Strat-1 OTA Filter

From Romania

Strat-1 Wasp Filter

From Romania

FrankenMusic Wasp Filter

Another Wasp clone

Waldorf 2-pole Analog Filer

The newest from Waldorf

Erica Synth Acidbox

Polivoks Clone (for sale)

Blue Lantern Modules Polivoks Filter

Anther polivoks Clone (for sale)

Blue Lantern Modules SSM2164 Mankato Filter

Anther cool filter (for sale)

Tailor Made Super Tone Control

Made for me by Marcel!

Tailor Made Moog Filter clone

Also made by Marcel!

X1L3 Chimeara

Filter, delay, distortion. Phat!

Recovery Effects Dead Session

Double filter

Retro Mechanical Labs - Jekyll & Hide

New retro design

Sonuus Wahoo

Super Wah/filter

Dreadbox Epsilon

Great mix between distortion and filter

Polivoks Filter Clone

Made in Russia

Erica Synt Acidbox II

More Polivoks goodness (for sale)

MacBeth Moroco

Yes! (sold)

Below are the filters I'm still looking for.

Euterpe Synthesizers Laboratories Vertice


Van Daal Electronics Wobble Filter

MS-20 variation...

Metasonix TM-6


Nio Analog Iotine Core


Reliquary Dual Analogue Filter

Iron Ether Xerograph

Dreadbox Lamda

Sebatron Copernicus

Ekdahl Moisturizer

AVP Synth PolyRhythm

Mode Machines OMF-1

Korg KF-1

Dwarfcraft Hapiness

Dwarfcraft Arf

Warm Star Shape Shifter Mountain